Therapeutic and practical

  • The heat helps to improve blood circulation aiding muscle suppleness, allowing horses to work at their optimum and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Also good to aid recovery and relaxation after work. Excellent for drying off a horse/pony after bathing, preventing chills and soggy rugs. 

Summerwind De Luxe specification

• Made from stainless steel and powder coated silver

• 30 IR Lamps of 250 watts each

• 18 Fans

• 18 Air directional air vents for all over drying

• Height and angle adjusting lift option

Heat treatment

Heat treatment relaxes and soothes the muscles, increases circulation, reduces stiffness and relieves pain. The warmth generated dilates the blood vessels of the chronic areas. This increases blood flow and helps to re-oxygenate and relax the muscles and ligaments. In the treatment of muscle and ligament injuries, heat is normally applied during the repair stage of the injury. Also it is applied to tight muscles where the heat helps to relax the muscle which prevents injury.