• Controlled and supervised exercise for rehabilitation and physical maintenance.
  • They walk in salt water at a pace and trot, increased cardiovascular activity and muscle tone.
  • Side window and observation deck.
  • Fast filling and emptying.
  • Combined spa and saltwater option.
  • Designed with galvanized stainless steel.
  • Variable speed and incline to allow force development, flexibility, resistance and balance of the animal.


Benefits of Cold Therapy

This reduces the risk of injury after heavy exercise., as in full contest, Obstacle jump, racing or hunting. Cold treatment brings quick relief from pain and inflammation from recently done tissue damage. Treatment should be started as soon as possible after injury and application of “cold” decrease blood flow and reduce inflammation.



  • The front sides of the treadmill are lower allowing the horse to move in a natural environment where there is no strong impact from a normal floor allowing the muscles, tendons and ligaments get stronger.
  • Controlled exercise, and supervised for aerobic activity, never exceed 4 mmol blood lactate concentration, and rehabilitation.

Exercising with salt water walking and jogging, we can increase: cardiovascular activity, the length of the step, muscle tone and give strength to the animal.