A combination of pulsed electromagnetic therapy and sequenced massage. All settings can be changed to suit your needs. Limb protectors are used before and after exercise. The front protectors go from the knee to the helmet and the protectors hind legs go from hock to hoof.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Benefits

In pulsed electromagnetic therapy(PEMF) a different frequency range is used to stimulate different cells in the body, which helps to work more efficiently.

We can use it daily for general health and well-being, and for rehabilitation and healing. Helps repair soft tissue injuries, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and healing of fractures.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Used for relaxation, to tone, warm up muscles, and improve circulation. Oxygenates muscles and removes waste products. It can also help move lymph, blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Cyclonic modules are strategically placed on muscle groups with the correct pressure and sequence.


The boot has the same electromagnetic field function as the blanket. It can be used for:

• Chafing

• Cracks

• Abscesses

• Repetitive trauma

• Degenerative diseases

• Arthritis

• Laminitis

• Inflammation

• Ligament or tendon damage

• Fractures


The protectors are similar to travel protectors. They range from the crown of the hoof to the carpal joint. They are easy to use and offer a wide range of treatments. Each protector contains 4 magnetic coils and works on the same principle as the blanket: stimulate the circulatory system of the blood and the lymphatic lines of the legs. It serves for:

• Tendon and ligament injuries

• Kicks, bumps and dermatitis

• Stiffness and arthritis

• General prevention

• Recovery after exercise.

We can do individual or joint pulsed electromagnetic therapies (pulsating electromagnetic therapy and sequenced massage).

The control box and battery are located next to the provided strap, the leg wrap cables are connected to the control box and the excess cable is hidden in the protector.