Conceptos Equicore (Activation of the horse's core muscles)


The importance of strength is that the core muscles mobilize and stabilize the horse's balance. Building strength in the core muscles helps prevent the development of back pain and injury. The equiband system has been specifically developed to stimulate receptors in the horse's skin and hair follicles.. In response to this stimulation the muscle groups of the abdomen, sublumbar, neck, and back are activated. Regular use of the system strengthens this core musculature, making it easier for the horse to work in a more natural and rounded position where we reduce the risk of pain and injuries due to lack of muscles or the instability of the joints in the neck and back (postural deficiency).


When to use:


Young horses during training on hand, during mounted work, older horses to increase and maintain spinal mobility, after a period of inactivity before restarting the mounted exercise, in rehab after injury, disease, after colic surgery, and to improve sports performance.